About the event

The Inter-County Leagues National Final was conceived by Graham Jepson, who ran the event for the first five years of its existence.  We are very grateful for the work he has put in during these years, but he has now decided to pass on the reins.

The event is a one-day teams-of-eight event open to the champion counties of each division of the five Regional Inter-County League Teams-of-Eight events:

The Northern Bridge League ('NBL');

The Midland Counties Leagues (Dawes League, Porter Cup and Markham Trophy);

The Eastern Counties League ('ECL');

The Western League (South Western Counties);

The Metropolitan Cup (South Eastern Counties).

Each of these regional events has a slightly different format, but the common feature is that they all consist of three divisions, with every county generally having one team in each division (i.e. there is no promotion / relegation, but every county ‘A’ team competes in Division 1, etc.) 

The National Final consists of three events (divisions). Division 1 is contested by the five champion teams of the respective 1st divisions of the Regional Leagues. Similarly the five Division 2 champions (county ‘B’ teams) and the Division 3 champions (county ‘C’ teams) compete within their own categories.

2013 Event Details

Past Results


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